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Camp Quest offers a fun, secular summer experience that challenges campers to build relationships, develop critical thinking skills and explore humanist values. Open to all, Camp Quest provides an inclusive experience that celebrates diversity and cultivates empathy. Campers will participate in traditional summer camp activities at Cal-Wood including skits, crafts, hiking, archery, fishing, learning about wildfire ecology and participating in a service project in the Calwood fire area. All campers will also participate in innovative programming incorporating the latest in scientific inquiry, freethought, cultural literacy, natural discovery and social/environmental responsibility. A value-based community, Camp Quest helps campers forge lasting friendships, cultivate an inclusive worldview and return home empowered to make an impact in their own communities.

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Week 1: Cancelled
Week 2: July 16 - 22, 2023


Cal-Wood Education Center, Jamestown, CO


Residential camp for children ages 8-17.


Financial Aid, Early Bird Discount, and Referral Discount available.

Our Programs

All Camp Quest programs focus on core educational content areas which form the foundation of our unique approach to program development. We pride ourselves on having innovative, leading-edge programming and empowering our camp leaders to incorporate the latest in research, technology, and best practices when developing camp activities.

Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good. Camp activities that focus on humanist ethics aim to familiarize campers with this worldview, which promotes altruism, peace and social justice, community service, and personal responsibility for helping others and caring for our planet.

We learn through observing the world around us—and it’s a big world! Experimenting, gathering information, and testing that information for accuracy, truthfulness, and utility is the basis for developing critical thinking skills. At Camp Quest, we encourage campers to ask “why?”, to dig into some of life and science’s most challenging questions, and to use reason and empiricism when tackling problems.

Freethought Heritage and Worldview Awareness activities, including our signature Famous Freethinkers™ program, encourage cultural literacy and expose campers to a variety of belief systems and religions found throughout the world. Camp Quest promotes open-mindedness, choice, empathy, and respect for religious, philosophical, and cultural diversity while also modeling appropriate and respectful discussion and critique of belief systems.

Camp Quest programs are hosted at camp facilities which offer a variety of outdoor recreation options and give campers an immersive experience in nature. Activities vary by location and may include hiking, fishing, canoeing, rock wall climbing, zip lines, and more. Campers spend time observing the natural world, sharing their discoveries, and working together to learn about the natural sciences, environmental responsibility, and outdoor and wilderness safety.

From fire ecology to science experiments, Camp Quest Colorado opens up a world of educational adventures. Campers will engage with nature through outdoor activities, such as camp fires, fishing, and hiking. They will work together on inquisitive and artistic pursuits, leaving as enriched individuals empowered to make an impact in their own communities.


7:00 amWake up
7:30 amAssembly
7:45 amBreakfast
8:30 amCabin Clean Up
9:15 amTeam Game
10:15 amWater Break
10:30 amQuest Zone: split-up by team
11:30 amAssembly
11:45 amLunch
12:30 pmFlat on Bunk
1:15 pmElectives
2:15 pmElectives
3:15 pmFree Time
5:15 pmAssembly
5:30 pmDinner
6:15 pmCabin Rendezvous
7:00 pmWater Break
7:15 pmQuest Zone: campers choice
8:15 pmCamp Fire/Special Presentation
9:30 pmPrepare cabin for lights out
10:00 pmLights off